Panaustik Android Collection

Certified without any tracker

Restore Gallery Order

Have you ever found yourself with a completely messy gallery after copying images?

If so, this application is for you because it will repair your gallery.

Reveal Hidden Media

This application searches for all images and videos that are not showing in the gallery.

These, sometimes legitimate files, can be unnecessary and take up valuable space on your device.

Gif Steganography

Send your secrets secretly!

This application uses GIF images which, unlike most other methods, make it possible to encode messages while keeping structure and rendering files identical in all respects to a classic image.

Loyalty Card Wallet

To end with portfolios inflated by loyalty cards, keep then in a single place!

This app, although completely free, fully respects your privacy. That's why it will not offer you promotions from your favorite stores or when you pass near one of your stores.

Flashlight & Morse

Not only this app is a classical flashlight, but also it can emit light message in Morse code.

The SOS message is predefined but you can configure and send any message.

Simple Score Sheet

Simple and practical score sheet for recording the scores of your games.

No more searching for a leaf or a pencil!


.Nomedia files tell Android not to scan certain directories for video images or audio files.

This app is the easiest way to manage these files.

Lecteur 2D-Doc

Les codes-barres 2D-Doc sont de plus en plus présents dans notre vie. On les trouve sur des documents aussi divers que les certificats Crit-Air des voitures, les attestations de vaccination, les factures de certains fournisseurs, les permis de chasse etc... Ces codes contiennent des données codées et une signature numérique.

Cette application vous révèlera le contenu de ces codes-barres et surtout s'ils sont valides ou frauduleux.

Exif Swiss Knife

This application is the ultimate tool to manage the Exif data of your image, video or audio files.

It bring the incredible Exiftool by Phil Harvey to the Android platform.

Duplicated Files

This app helps you identify and delete duplicate files that accumulate on your device.

Similar Images

This app is specialized in research of sufficiently similar images to be considered as duplicates. The useless images can then be deleted to save space on your device.

It incorporates advanced algorithms and features from the Panaustick application from the same author.

I Know my tables

Intuitive and unadorned, this application allows the child to concentrate on his task: learning or revising the multiplication tables.

Health Monitoring

This simple application allows you to simply record data concerning the monitoring of your health.

Birthday Paradox

In a classroom, what is the probability that 2 students will celebrate their birthdays on the same day? With 365 days a year, around thirty students in the class, we say to ourselves that it must be weak …

Think again!

It only takes 23 people for there to be more than a 50% chance that 2 people will have their birthday on the same day.

This is what this simple application will allow you to experiment.